Sunshine Holdings elevates commitment to workplace gender equality with the launch of Project ‘WE’

Sunshine Holdings elevates commitment to workplace gender equality with the launch of Project ‘WE’

March 22, 2024

A transformative Women Empowerment initiative aimed at fostering gender diversity and inclusion across the Group

Colombo, 22 March 2024: In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Sunshine Holdings PLC announced the launch of Project ‘WE’, a Women Empowerment initiative dedicated to fostering organization gender balance and empowering the female workforce. This move emphasizes the company’s commitment to promoting better representation of women in the workplace, driving an inclusive environment that encourages and supports the professional growth of female talent.

Featuring inspiring speeches and an insightful panel discussion, the launch event also marked the establishment of a dedicated committee, tasked with devising targeted solutions to enhance inclusivity and support the professional development of women across the organization.

Speaking at the occasion, Shyam Sathasivam, Group Chief Executive Officer – Sunshine Holdings PLC stated, “In the present competitive business world, Sunshine Holdings has proactively championed women empowerment, by creating a level playing field that has significantly contributed to the company’s value and growth. Placing a keen focus on talent attraction, retention and empowering more females in leadership positions has been an organizational success factor and we remain committed to fostering an environment where women not only thrive but lead.”

Keynote speaker Ashcharya Jayakody commented, “Twenty years ago, I was Nayana Pieris, before destiny intervened and transformed me into Ashcharya Jayakody. Losing my sight and sense of smell in a tragic incident reshaped my existence, challenging me in ways I never imagined. Despite the adversities, I refused to be defined by victimhood. Instead, I embraced my circumstances as opportunities for growth and resilience.”

Emphasizing the importance of Project ‘WE’, Michelle Senanayake – Chief People and Corporate Communications Officer, Sunshine Holdings PLC said, “In our corporate culture, ‘WE’ is synonymous with ‘ME’. While opportunities are available, real change comes from within. With the establishment of a WE committee, Sunshine is taking a step to give a stronger voice to women in the organization. The specially appointed committee will spearhead initiatives that will make Sunshine an even a better place for women to thrive in their careers.”

“Women possess innate strengths that defy conventional boundaries every day. From nurturing life to excelling in diverse roles, they embody true leadership traits such as resilience, adaptability and tolerance. Today, women are breaking barriers in every sphere. With this initiative, it is our imperative to champion the inclusion of women and foster a future where gender poses no barrier to success,” remarked Dr. T. Sayandhan, Chief Executive Officer – Sunshine Medical Devices & LINA Manufacturing.

The commemoration event ended with the appointment of office bearers for the WE committee and featuring the singing and dancing talents of the ladies from Sunshine Holdings.

About Sunshine Holdings PLC

Sunshine Holdings PLC is a publicly listed conglomerate contributing to ‘nation-building’ by creating value in vital sectors of the Sri Lankan economy – mainly in the healthcare and consumer sectors, with strategic investments in agribusiness.

Established over 57 years ago in 1967, the Group is now home to leading Sri Lankan brands such as Zesta Tea, Watawala Tea, Ran Kahata, Daintee, Milady, Healthguard Pharmacy and Lina Manufacturing, with nearly 2,000 employees and revenue over LKR 51 billion in FY23. The business units comprise of Sunshine Healthcare Lanka, Sunshine Consumer Lanka, and Watawala Plantations PLC, which are leaders in their respective sectors and most of them certified as a “Great Place to Work” in 2023.

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